The Auditorium with a balcony and loges has 2458 spectator places. First five lines of an orchestra (225 places) can be transformed. An orchestra pit has an elevating gear, so the stage can be increased at width of an orchestra pit and formation of a platform before a stage .

   The stall may be transformed to a parquet floor of a dancing hall settling down flush with a tablet of a stage. Average time of transformation takes about 30 minutes. Partial transformation of a parquet with installation of a parquet floor up to 16 lines is possible. The horizontal parquet floor is successfully used for arrangement of restaurant little tables (50-70) during presentations.

   Stage is 37,5 meters in width in a maximum. The basic curtain divides the stage and plays the role of a mobile portal. Usually the width of a stage is established about 20 meters. Height of the stage is 9,5 meters to upper curtain, and 9 meters on backgrounds. Actual height of roads and is11,5 meters. As long as scenic box has no second height, all changes of soft scenery are carried out on horizontal roads (8 items).There are six elevating platforms also - prescreen platforms, the basic and auxiliary.

   The first line of platforms rises on 0.28, and the second on 0,56 meters - thus creates a two-level choral podium. Behind the screen, between lighting towers (foundations) there is an elevating platform 14,3 meter in width. This platform may rise on height of 1,1 meters. One more platform can be moved forward on distance of 1,5 meters. The general four steps cascade in height on 28 centimeters for every step is constructed when prescreen platforms are lifted. There is a stair in a back part of a stage with the cascade of steps (2,6 meters in height * 6,6 meters in width).

   Film-complex in "Rossia" was supplied and mounted by Italian firm " CINEMECHANICCA " in 1997. Film projection devices work with any professional film-formats used in the world. The projection is carried out on the big screen by the area of 220 square meters. The scoring system works on the best specialized sound equipment for cinema halls.

   "Rossia" has the largest and technically perfect illumination engineering . Total capacity of a complex - 500 kvVt. Illumination of auditorium - floodlight, total capacity more than 100 kw. Control of a complex is carried out from light controllers COMPULITE ANIMATOR and TUNGSRAM 256.

   Sound amplification system was installed in 1995 jointly with SIEMENS Corp. System was reconstructed with the best modern sound recording equipment. Soundman works at basic control board "Soundcraft Europa". The control board is equipped with digital conducting system. The additional control board "Soundcraft Europa - Slave" can be used also. This way, there are 56 microphone inputs available. Soundman control board is equipped with the latest professional signal processing system. There are professional digital and analog recording devices, so soundtrack of any format can be played.

   For conducting of the international congresses and film-festivals the hall is equipped with a translation system VEF in eight languages.There is the user's board with channels selector and headphones in an armrest of every armchair.

   During the concerts and other actions there are comfortable artistic rooms and rehearsal ballet halls, management hall and adjacent rooms of restaurant at actors and firms disposal.

   A concert department of a hall, producing group have steady communications with all basic concert organizations and associations, with creative collectives, with the main manufacturers of scenery and equipment. Due to this the hall widely renders customers intermediary services in organization and realization of their actions.

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