Through the years of creative activity the staff of the Hall has developed a definite repertoire policy, which turned "Rossia" into the central concert hall in the country. It is here that authors and artists wish to bring to public their new, premier works. The largest gala-concerts, show - competitions, festivals on the individual script and script with author's scenography - that what defines the face of a hall.

    Highly professional regular producing group includes directors, set designers, concert forming editors. This group has the creative principles determining everything that occurs on a stage of a hall; set designers watch closely innovations in a trade on the country and abroad, aspiring to be in avant-garde in search of new decisions. The best invited directors, artists, ballet masters also work on stage. Concerts cover all genres - from chamber to grandiose super-shows.

   On "Rossia" stage classical music in the best performance sounds. Svyatoslav Rikhter, Vladimir Spivakov, Michael Pletnev, Jury Bashmet, Irina Arhipova, Elena Obraztsova, Zurab Sotkilava - that is constellation of names of musicians and the soloists who have determined prestige of a hall. Maya Plisetskaya, Ekaterina Maksimova, Vladimir Vasil'ev, Vyacheslav Gordeev, Maris Liepa, Michael Baryshnikov, Vadim Pisarev more than once danced on this stage. Ensemble of national dance under the direction of Igor Moiseev and ensemble "Beryozka" are constant visitors of "Rossia".

    The American theatre of ballet by Alvin Aily, the Washington ballet, ballet troupe " Komische operas " and ballet "Fridriechstadt-Palace" from Germany, ballet troupe Mitiko Matsumoto from Japan and many other collectives of the world - they all have acquainted on this stage the Moscow public with their art. Great jazz musicians of nowdays executed here their masterly improvisations: Dejv Brubek (USA), Dizzi Gilespi (USA), Paul Winter (USA), Gin Harris and "Malboro super-bend " (USA), Alexey Kozlov, Igor Bril', Oleg Lundstrem.

    Such composers as Paul Moria, Michel Legran, Rajmond Pauls, Alexandra Pahmutova and Oskar Fel'tsman carried out here their creative programs. Performances of many variety stars of the world take place on the stage of "Rossia". Elton John, Toto Kutunjo, Brenda Rassel, Lolita Torres, Liza Minnelli and many others acted on this stage. It is in traditions of a hall - statement of the programs revealing creative individuality of this or that author or the executor: Alla Pugacheva's program, Valery Leont'ev, Iosiph Kobzon, Mahmud Esambaev, Lyudmila Zykina, Nadezhda Babkina, Phillip Kirkorov, Irina Allegrova, Oleg Gazmanov, Irina Ponarovskaja, Ilya Reznik, Larissa Rubal'skaja, Vladimir Vinokur, Lev Leshchenko, Uliana and many, many others.

    The best representatives of bard songs regularly appear on stage of a concert hall. Known bards of the country take part in traditional evenings "Memory of Yury Vizbor", in the program "Songs of past (expiring) century" - the anthology of author's songs. Holding of presentations is another line of Hall business. Advertising tasks go together with artistic tasks, organically entering into a general line of a concert. The hall "Rossia" has the widest experience in the country in the field of creation such advertising shows.

    The spacious foyer of a hall is capable to hold a lot of advertising exhibit racks, art exhibitions, exhibitions-sales. An extremely close cooperation with TV broadcasting companies is characteristic for Hall activity. Cameras of various TV-channels work in a hall every two - three days, so practically all main performances on a stage of "Rossia" go on TV. It has resulted in creation of new genre - a TVconcert designed for spectators in a Hall and at the same time solving specific problems of screen version.

    The TV companies co-produce many performances on a stage of a hall - such as: the International competition of young executors "The Step to Parnassus ", solemn ceremony of annual premium "Ovatsija", the project "Ploschad' zvyozd"," Zvyozdy na RTR " and others.

    Technological opportunities of a hall allow to carry out balls, dancing evenings, fashion parades. Within the traditional annual " Weeks of HauteCouture in Moscow " their were shown by leading fashion designers of the world - Nina Ricci, Pierre Cardin, Therry Mugler, Pako Rabann, Vyacheslav Zajtsev, Valentin Judashkin. SCCH "Rossia" conducts systematic work with children and a youth audience.

    The subscription "Symphonic assemblies - to the Moscow youth" works in a Hall. The youth audience with enthusiasm accepts performances of the advanced and popular groups and executors: " Nogu Svelo ", " Agata Kristi ", "Alisa", "Bravo", show of Bari Alibasov "Na - na", " Ivanushki international ", " Ruky vverh ", "Blestyaschie" and others.

    This wide spectrum of creative and business activity, a variety of opportunities and their intensive use also provides to a concert hall leading position among other halls and concert organizations.