In connection with reconstruction of historical centre "Zarydje", the State central concert hall "Rossia" has temporarily moved on a new scenic platform – the Palace of Sports "Luzniki".

     We have the richest experience of carrying out of various concert programs, mass actions, recitals, readings, so we quickly adapted in new conditions. Now we are able to use all interesting possibilities of a new stage and the adjoining territory of Luzniki exceeding 145 hectares with unique system of parks, flower beds and fountains.

    Work on a new stage gives new interesting economic and special possibilities, doing their more scale and various.

     The idea of high-grade rest and entertainment of the spectator is put in a basis of activity of the Hall. The priority directions in Hall activity are concert programs with participation of variety performer stars, theatre stars and film stars.

      Individual approach to the actor which opens his creative individuality is in traditions of the Hall statement. The solo programs on the Rossia Hall`s stage perform all Russian variety performer stars.


     Numerous of concert programs, performances and musicales with participation of the best actors of our country been created by the Hall had for the past years. Their art had been performed on the stage of Rossia Hall: Majja Plisetskaya, Lyudmila Zykina, Joseph Kobzon, Mahmud Esambaev, Muslim Magomayev, Valery Leontev, Alla Pugacheva, Tamara Sinjavskaja, Alexander Rosenbaum, Nadezhda Babkina, Nikolay Slichenko, Phillip Kirkorov, Lima Vajkule, Clara Novikova, Valentina Tolkunova … While working and creating the big and original performances  with these executors, we have defined the basic repertoire policy of the Hall and a direction of its art searches.

     We carry out recitals and  readings of masters of the arts: poets, composers, actors. Memorable meetings with Lyudmila Gurchenko, Andrey Dementyev, Rajmond Pauls, Igor Krutoj, Larissa Rubalskaya, Aleksandra Pahmutova, Oscar Feltsman, Jury Saulskij, Igor Nikolaev, etc.

     Carrying out of presentations of various firms, the organization of art exhibitions and exhibitions-sales is one of the directions of the Hall’s work. The spacious foyer is capable to contain the biggest advertising compositions of firms and an exposition of exhibitions.

     Our technical possibilities allow to spend balls, dancing-parties, fashion parades, corporate evenings, receptions with laying the tables in auditorium for 1000 places.

     Owning a perfect lighting complex and the sound-technical equipment, the Rossia Hall has possibility to create musical and variety programs with unique effects. The auditorium contains from 2000 to 7500 persons.

     There are more than 250 employees who completely provide all creative and production work in the Hall. As a part of creative-production group of  the Rossia Hall are directors, artists, musical and literary editors, editors forming concert programs, managers, artists all over the world, sound producers, engineers and technicians. Their professional skills allow to create the actions covering all genres from chamber concerts to grandiose super-shows.

     The Rossia Hall prepares and spends the International concert programs, representing Moscow abroad. They are gala concerts: Days of Moscow in Berlin, Budapest, Belgrad, Delhi, Prague, Madrid, Beijing, Vienna and other cities of the World. Experts of the Rossia Hall take part in various creative competitions and festivals, involve young talented executors and give the chance to them to work on the Hall stage and promote their professional formation.

     The state central concert hall Rossia is subordinated to the Government of Moscow and is a culture municipal authority. However, ample opportunities and powers in economic and repertory activity, do the Hall independent enough. This wide spectrum of creative and business activity, a variety of possibilities and their heavy use also provide the hall leading position among other halls and the concert organizations.

     The art director of the Rossia Hall is the honoured worker of arts of Russia Vyacheslav Karpov.


     We are always ready to cooperation!